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July 17, 2013


Elaine Teo

Another great collection!

Jean R-T

Great layouts and beautiful collections!


This I absolutely had to pin. I am trying to not buy any more collections or even just paper until I use up more of what I have, but this one is very tempting.

jackie c.

Another beautiful collection by Allison! I love every bit of it!!


What a fun collection! Love the colors!


Pinned it:



I shared on FB



I have one of Allison's last collections & love it still. I can see myself combining bits & pieces from both lines to make something fantastic!


I clipped the giveaway here: http://www.clipix.com/Clipdetail.aspx?clipboardid=280468&clipid=2068187&uid=5636


I pinned the giveaway here: http://pinterest.com/pin/503699539544538371/

Marti Richards

My most favorite collection of all of the previews- anywhere!

Helen G.

I am a happy girl if I win all of these! They are gorgeous :D

Helen G.

Pinned it!

Sandra Lugo

Another great collection. So happy to see the transparencies!

Nicole Doiron

LOVE LOVE LOVE... and i could go on and on! One of the most beautiful collection i've seen so far from ALL the CHA new releases! Thanks so much for the inspiration and for the chance to win!

Olivia L.

Another amazing line from Allison! I love her attention to detail & her fun playful style!

Pam Bird

Such a great collection!

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