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October 24, 2012


Jean A Marmo

Love seeing the children crafting!! Wonderful cards!

Helen Tilbury

Adorable!! Love to see the kids crafting!! And Emeline's card is just gorgeous...

Keren tamir

My son loves to scrapbook with me. He likes to sit with me sometimes and cut and paste.

Gabrielle Pollacco

Diana, your daughter is adorable and her card sweet as can be! Love the 'grown-up' ladies cards as well! beautiful! xo

Jane Kirkpatrick

What a beautiful daughter you have, and lovely designs.
Are you by any chance related to Lisa Brodeur? I taught Lisa in first grade.

Amy Voorthuis

AAhhwww such a pretty little girl Diana Brodeur has..... love her pretty card too her friend would be very happy with such a beautiful card "I think"....always love to see kids scrap my son loves it too xox Amy :)

Diana Brodeur

Thanks so much ladies! My daughter's friend loved her card. :)

Jane...No I am not related to Lisa but thanks for asking!


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