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August 06, 2012


Doris Widder

Woohoo! Congrats, ladies! :-D

Dianne H

Congratulations. Lovely to see some ladies from NZ there too.

Anna Belyanina

Thank you for this interesting opportunity! Congratulations, ladies!

Oksana Muzyka

Great news!
But links for their blogs dont work.

Leah Cameron

I see you have already been notified the links aren't working - well the one for Michelle isn't anyway!


Congratulations everyone!

Jean A Marmo


Diana Brodeur

Congrats ladies!!!


Congrats. Lovely papers

Joy Gissing

Very frustrating,such a pity when you want to check out their work and you can't get the links to open.

Stephanie Rodgers

Thought it was just my computer.


Hi Everyone~! I have no idea what happened re: the links. Ahhh! Fixing now ;o) xo

Courtney Walsh

All fixed, girls!!! Enjoy their beautiful blogs!!! :)

emeline seet

SUCH an Honor!! Thank you Webster's Pages for including me!! :)

Jolaine Frias

Congrats ladies!!!!

Kristianne Swanson

Wow! What a lineup of talent. Congrats to everyone and can't wait to learn from you.

Gabrielle Pollacco

Congrats ladies & Brandin! I know the work of many on this team and they are all uber talented, they will represent Websters in a beautiful way for sure! xo

Queen Mary

Brandin, this is so exciting! Congrats on getting everyone certified! Off to register for classes! (Why not, it's that time of the year.... :) )


Congratulations ladies. I feel honoured to be in there with such amazing, talented girls! Here's to a wonderful year with Websters!

Mona Pendleton

Congrats to all! Thank you so much Brandin for the wonderful opportunity ~ quite an honor!

Patti Grace

Congratulations everyone.

iris uy

congratulations everyone! I'm so honored to be part of this team!

Shemaine Smith

Congratulations ladies!!! So excited to be part of such an amazing group of talented ladies!


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