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August 30, 2012


Wendy Orme

These are awesome! Thanks so much!

Doris Widder

Oh these are so awesome! I love them! Especially nice for the little ones who aren't so thrilled to be going. :-D M&M are going to cyber school this year, but several of these are perfect for them to wake up to or to find on their desks when they go to login in the morning! :-D

Helen Tilbury

So sweet! Thank you soooo much!!


Thank you so much for this. Forgot to fill in the little form on there so went back to do it. What a lovely gift.

Janet K

oh great exciting moment!!


I often put notes in my kid's lunch box's, so thank you, this is super cute!

Amy Voorthuis

Wow thank you so so much Brandin just love them you've brightend my day.......can't wait to see what happens today whoehoe xox Amy


Adorable lunch notes -- will definitely use, greatly appreciated! But I have to point out a typo in the lower left one --" your" should be "you're". :)

Judi Willard

I sent you a private message through
the contact form. I hope to hear from you.

Nancy Hughes

The messages are so cute and so are the notes. However, if you are going to be sending these to school with your child, don't you think you should make sure the grammer is correct? One of the notes should read: (Roses are red, Violets are blue, know as you're eating) rather than "know as your eating". After all, these notes are going in school lunches.

Nancy Hughes


Hi Nancy & everyone, Thanks so much for your feedback & Yep! There was an error. Oh Boy...we corrected it & they are correct for download!


So stinking cute! THANK-YOU!!!

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