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July 11, 2012


Lovez' Lao

OMG! I so love the Perfect Accents especially the one from Parkdrive Collection. I'm a pastel color addict and this will suit in all my projects. If this will reach my hand, I'll be so happy to use it ASAP! Hahaha! More power WP!

jennifer waugh

Shared on Facebook and Pinterest.


I love the Keep Calm ones. I want to share with my lovely scrappy ladies!

Sherry Anderson

I love your perfect accents...I want all of these!!


These are VERY coo! SO unique- love that!


I tweeted this: https://twitter.com/jengd1/status/222911326480113664

Shelly H.

I shared the picture and link on FB. :)

Arielle Berceau

Your Perfect Accents are the most beautiful embellishments.


I pinned this: http://pinterest.com/pin/206954545347219939/


Do you know what I mean when I describe something as perfect? Enough said!

Cindy P

They are beautiful!!! Love the Christmas ones, the flowers, the scrap on... oh, I like them all, who am I kidding!

Cindy P

Sharing on Facebook! Hopefully lots of people fall in love with these. How could they not?

Arielle Berceau

I just shared on Facebook (and changed my profile picture to the adorable Scrap On cameos)!!

Lovez' Lao

I blogged the Cameos!!! See the right sidebar -> http://lovezlao-scrapsyheartsy.blogspot.com/

Can I post more??? Hahaha!!!

Have a nice day Brandin and to all WP people!

Fresh greetings from the Philippines =)

Shelly H.

I posted about the giveaway on my blog. I included a picture and a link.

Lynn Mason

Thee are so gorgeous, love the Christmas and Halloween cat, oh heck I love them all!!!

Melissa Elsner

Leaving a comment about how I LOVE these! So in love with these.

Melissa Elsner

Shared on my facebook page. :)

Cindy P

Added a pic to my blog, with my gushing about how awesome they are :) Finger's crossed!

Melissa Elsner

Pinned it!

sharon gullikson

My day was HOT!!! These are cool (not kidding--they look like cookies.

Melissa Elsner

And tweeted! :)

sharon gullikson

I shared on Facebook.

Jeanette cooper

Not only shared on my facebook... but have also added the image as my main cover photo... Talk about a bright and cheeful image.... and Im getting so many comments - seems everyone is in LOVE with these.....

B. Poteraj

How are these held on? Are they supposed to be glued onto projects? I need to learn about them.

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