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June 07, 2012



Oh, it is so neat!


It's so nice to get a peak in your room! This is the place where all the masterpieces are being created:) Your room looks fabulous and I can't believe how organized it is!


WOW! You've got a fabulous room, Gabi! But then again - you are a fabulous designer! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us!:-)
hugs 'n smiles,

Janet K

Hi Gabi, just so wonderful to see ur wardrobe

Jean Marmo

Wow - it does look like a store! So pretty! Love the framed layouts!


I love that slatwall, I've been looking for a solution for me medium to large sized embellies.

Patricia Basson

Oh yes...this room certainly screams GABRIELLE...thank you for sharing Gabbi, and I would love to shop as well!


Gabi, your place looks so cosy and beautiful! Everything is on its place :-) and so neatly arranged! Thank you for sharing your scrappy paradise with us :-)! ~Gerry~

Robin Hanning

AMAZING space! I LOVE the colors. The layouts are spectacular!


wow !!! amazing !!!! can i come create in your space ???? ha ! ha!!


I like ! Definitely going to use some of the ideas for my scrappy space

Tammy Whitley

Oh how I love the slat wall. Im always looking for ways to store my embellishment and still know what I have to use. The wall is just like in a store. I love that idea!!!!

michelle b

What a coincidence that we got this tour today. Just yesterday I was wondering what Gabi's 'craft' room looked like. And wondering what she did with all the beautiful pages that come out of the room.
Thank you so much for sharing :-)

Doris Widder

Fabulous craft space! Beautiful!

Bonnie Friesen

Gorgeous room, Gabi! Can you give some details on how your slat boad was made and I'm wondering if the frames above your desk have glass in front or if they are just open?

Gabrielle Pollacco

Hi Bonnie,

You can get slat wall at Home Depo and other hardware stores. You can add as many of the hangers as you need, you can slide them so that they are close together or further apart depending on the stuff you are hanging on them.

The frames have no glass in front, they are specially made for scrapbook pages (I got mine from Michaels....deeply discounted....ha! I love a bargain! These came with premade pages, I just took them out (saved the embellishments and discarded the papers) and put my l/o's in their place. I saw something on Pinterest I want to try....You can by pre-painted ornate trims meant for walls, angle cut them and make your own frames if you are adventurous! :)

gina ortiz

Gabi I have been following you for years on Two Peas and often wondered where you create the masterpieces you make. I also often wonder how someone like you who designs for many places is able to keep track of all the things that are sent to you to create with. After seeing your space I cannot believe that you don't have far more stuff than you do! lol Your room is very serene and comfy looking. And about the red chair...heck is just a deep deep shade of pink! lol *wink* Thanks for letting us in to see your little space of paradise.

*gina* (gg loves matthew on two peas)

Patty O'Malley

Looks like paradise to me!

Lynn S

What a great room! Oh the fun I would have there! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks so much for sharing this awe-inspiring room. It looks so homey and so neat and tidy. I also like to clean up right after I scrap so that when the mood strikes, I can just walk into the room not worrying about having to clean first.

I think that a lot of us are going to be heading to the hardware store to pick up the slat wall. What a terrific idea. Just thinking how nice it would be to have the embellishments organized. And I love how you sorted your flowers out. Hope you don't mind if I become a copycat???

Dorina D

What a great craft room. I can see why the kids want to go shopping. That was my first thought too. I think I better make sure I clean up after I've finished a project because it is more inspiring to just walk in and craft. Thanks for the great tips.

Jona Panesa

it really looks like a store!!! so inspiring!


i love looking at others' studios! mine looks like a warehouse, and this one does look like a store! i would like to more of these posts.

Danette Munn

Please come and organize my stuff!!!!!! Even when I had a huge room for my crafts it never looked so clean and organized.

Kelly Shoaf

So if we can duplicate this studio in every detail can we reach the height of Gabi's talent?? Oh i WISH :)

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