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June 25, 2012


Melissa Elsner

Of course it was for you! And whoever else needs it. ;)


Hope you get some sleep! Prayers that your children get feeling better soon!


courage sweetie !!!!!
beautiful work !

Denise van Deventer

Hi Brandin...it's nice to read your thoughts and also read that you are human too!! Sometimes we see these names in the scrapping world and imagine that they are somehow removed from the realities of life....almost like celebrities! LOL...your post really softened my heart and just made me sit back and think!!!
I mean this from the bottom of my heart...take care and hope the kids are better soon and that tonight is a good nights rest!

Erin Blegen

Awww...those all-nighters with the little ones ARE hard and sometimes you wonder how you'll make it through when you're so exhausted. But then you look into those eyes and you KNOW you'll make it. You're a mom and you're everything to them! Stay strong, hope you get some rest :).
Take care,
xErin Blegen
P.S. Sure was fun seeing my little girl's face up there this morning :)- glad she was able to lift your spirits a little!!


Hope things get better soon with your family.
Thank you so much for your gorgeous designs - I love WPs and they're my favourite papers, discovered not long ago. Crafting is my great escape, so thank you for the inspiration I get from them.

Gabrielle Pollacco

Just seeing that photo of you says what an awesome mommy you are Brandin! I'm sure you must be deep into your designing for the CHA but it's clear your babies come first as well, somehow you manage to do it all, and so very well! I'm with you, I love the slide-show of the gallery on the homepage! Always so inspiring (love the projects you picked to highlight today as well!!!) ....Hope you get some rest soon!! xo


Nice prohects, lots of inspiration !


You would think I'm the one without rest comment should read nice projects!

Jean Marmo

I love looking through the gallery! Gorgeous works!

Ro Philippsen

Ok, I also had a week of those ... you will not believe! Yesterday was my birthday and I had a tough day, but I have a cheerful personality!
And so today I decided to walk a little on the WP blog, dear, I had not seen it ... What a surprise! You make my day today, when I see that my layout did your day better, and is wonderful to see my page on WP blog.
Sweetie, you really make my day!
Thank you.


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