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April 02, 2012



WOW! You never seize to amaze me, Brandin! All those wonderful papers and embellishments now printed and put in special book for anyone who has a story to tell... Brilliant! I know I would love to have all my memories written for me! Thank you for this precious gift!


What an amazing idea! This will make such a wonderful way to record those special moments and beautiful thoughts.

I think simplifying my life would mean being a little less perfectionistic. It would take away a lot of pressure, I think.


Oh wow Brandin I always love your story telling! The blueprints are another amazing idea. Love to have all my special moments together.......I think if I need to simplify my life it's letting other people help me can't do everything myself!!!
I'm a bit of a controlfreak *grin*.....well I almost can't wait untill tomorrow........hope you have a great wonderful sunny day hugs Amy :)


The line about your heart walking around just killed me. You're definitely a poet!
Love to God and then to myself and those who are close to me sure simplify my life a lot))

Alina Igna

Sounds nice what you wanna release tomorrow! I would be thrilled to win! I don't really know how to simplify my life so I don't really know how to answer to your question.

Janet K

What a great gift from you Brandin!
Happy to hear everytime ...gifts..yet, this is a Memory Keepin..so exotic..cant wait to hear for the chances!!!
Thanks Brandin!

Jane Johnson

Oh another amazing and beautiful idea Brandin!! I would so love to win, thank you for the chance to!

I need to simplify the laundry in my life - surely there must be a quicker way than all that washing, hanging out to dry, bringing in, ironing, folding, putting away and repeat lol!?

hugs from the UK, Jane x

Theresa Grdina

Simplify my life??? Maybe get organized! I am a mess when it comes to organization at home. At work? Amazingly organized!!
Can't wait for the "deets" on blueprints.....

Sarah L

Simplify by embracing the unexpected. With a husband on deployment and three little ones under five the unexpected is everywhere. Especially loving to pop up when all is seemingly running smooth ;)

Diana Brodeur

Love this! I think these little books will be cherished for many years to come!

Emily Keaton

What do I need most to simplify my life? A personal assistant!!! But this new product looks awesome and would certainly simplify things for me, too :D


Brandin, that looks so awesome! Love the vintage touch.... That would be a great journal for all kind of storytellers!!!!



OMG that pic is gorgeous of you Brandin!
Simplify for me would be to be less perfectionist.. and to start writing those letters/diaries i have tought of for my kids telling them how much I love them...

This would be perfect for that... would love to win one of these journals!

Doris Widder

LOL What doesn't need to be simplified? Our morning routine and hustle to get the kids out the door and to school on time. The homework routine...I kid you not, it often feels like some sort of assembly line we've got going on with me running back and forth as I try to make dinner at the same time. The bedtime routine and getting my M&M back in bed over and over until the little rebels finally either give up or conk out for the night.

Blueprints sounds fascinating and I can't wait to hear more! Though it's not going to help me with the list above, I'm sure it'll help simply the memory keeping side of it...allowing me more time to tackle the other stuff. :-D

Doris Widder

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Jamie Greene

This looks so promising! I need to be less of a perfectionist and more relaxed:)

Kelly Massman

My life is already pretty simple, but I think I'd like to start yoga to help my body and mind relax a little... Thanks for a chance to win!!! Love your stuff!

Miriam Prantner

This looks like a great project/product. The thing I need most to simplify my life is more time and more sleep. Which often conflict....

Betty Sue

How wonderful! This looks amazing. Cannot wait to see more. I am learning to scale back as my kids are almost all in college now. Everything else can wait as time slips by so fast.


I love this idea! I would have loved to give something like this to my own mom but it would be 4 years too late. My mother-in-law has stepped in and so far she's doing ok. I think the key to simplifying my life would be organization. Everything in it's place. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring it in a basket.

Angela Fehr

I've been thinking a lot about doing something like this for my family - what you've shown is beautiful and meaningful.

Gabrielle Pollacco

Ha! I got up this morning, made apple pancakes for breakfast (promised last night that I would!), made the school lunches, unloaded/and reloaded the dishwasher, made the beds, got the kids off to school, did some invoicing for DH....well, you get the idea, busy, busy, busy! This journal sounds like just the thing! Pretty and quick!! I love it, and can't wait to see it IRL!!


Now I call that designer love! It is very thoughtful for such a busy company to step back and think of their customer in a way that is one of a kind. I can't wait to give this to my neighbor who is having a baby girl this spring. She is from Russia so I was looking for a unique gift....thanks!


This looks pretty interesting! I'd like to simply so many things. Housework would be one but that would probably require a maid!


Your journal is a great idea and sounds like a project I could actually finish! And also it would be a wonderful gift for my mother -in-law! Thanks for the chance to win!

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