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March 16, 2012


Shilo Miles

The UPS driver...Brandin O'Neill.....cutest UPS driver ever....hehe!


It was Brandin! Lots of great shoes in that video!

Margie Visnick

I shared to my blog:

B. Poteraj

Brandin is the delivery driver

Joyce Lee


Sharon Gullikson

Brandin O'Neill is the delivery person. I was only able to see the video by watching it on FB because one of the participants SHARED it (on FB). No more of these chats for me..... I can't handle the frustration!

Nicolle Kramer

Shared on FB...https://www.facebook.com/nicolle.kramer

Karen Osborne

I shared the video on my Facebook page.

NanaBeth W

Most talented UPS driver ever-Brandin!You sure made me happy today-thank you so much!

Sharon Gullikson

I THINK that I was able to share it on Facebook. I tried, anyway (shared the video).

Christine N

Posted about the giveaway on my FB page but hesitated too because then there will be even more people fight for the prize!!! *giggle*

Natasha G.P.

Brandin O'Neill was the delivery lady. It was sort of hard to tell because she looked different.

Elizabeth Russell

It's Brandin!And you looked lovely!

melkom po nebu

The delivery driver is Brandin!

Kristin Tierney

Just posted the link to the video on my blog! lilypaddesigns.blogspot.com
THanks for the awesome opportunity!

Karen Osborne

I shared the video on Twitter too!


posted on my blog as well:-)

melkom po nebu



It's Brandin!

Jo Allan

shared on my Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601992457

Doris Widder

Why, it's the lovely Brandin Myers O'Neill of course! :-D

Celeste B.

Brandin is the driver.

Sandi Smith

Looks to me like Brandin has a new job.

Leslie Gray

It is the fabulous Brandin O'Neill! Love the shoes!!

Jo Allan

posted on twitter as well

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