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February 10, 2012


Doris Widder

Woohoo! Awesome challenge! Great way to use up your stash or break out something newer you've been dying to play with! Can't wait to see everyone's entries! :-D


Wow such a cool and great idea.......... I will give it a go....thanks for the chance to win ONE oh so pretty collection off webster's!!!
Thank you
Amy :)

Jolanda Simons

Beautiful work Gabi!!

Jean Marmo

This is gorgeous! Wish I had known this before I posted my layout yesterday:) Will have to make another!

Rosie Vega

This is wonderful. I just love the sparklers, I will MOST definitely work on something for this challenge. Webster's you never cease to amaze us!!!

You're fabulous!!!


Beautiful sample for this fun challenge! I hope to have time to play along!!!

Nicolle Kramer

Awesome layout! Fun challenge!..:)


Gorgeous layout Gabi... your work is always so inspiring!

Robin H

Fun challenge! I hope I can find time to play along this month.


Beautiful lo (Gabby I can't comment on your blog there is some weird overlay that makes all your links unclickable--except for the Background fairy link) Fun challenge.

Gabrielle Pollacco

Fixed it, thanks for the heads up Dria :)

Helen Tilbury

What a cool challenge Gabi and as usual your layout is nothing short of awesome!!

lean de ruiter

lovely page and a sparkling challenge.


Oh wow...... just loved to do this challenge I had fixed it in under 3 ours!!! Even I was stunned by the little time I spent on it! But I think it sturned out so pretty hope you guys like it.....I uploaded it on Inspire Me on My Page as "February Challenge" ----- http://websterspages.ning.com/photo/february-challenge-you-always-sparkle?context=latest.
Thanks for this Super Great challenge....
Amy :)

ellen s

Oh how fun! Can't wait to get my scrap on soon! this will be perfect.

Jane Johnson

Loved this challenge, thank you! Here is my layout for the challenge. http://websterspages.ning.com/photo/february-challenge-my-beautiful-nannan?context=user

Jane x


We'd love to have you list your challenge with us at ScrapChallenge.com so that all of our challenge junkies can play along! Fill-out our easy web form on our site and your challenge details will appear in our listings instantly!


Gabrielle Pollacco

I couldn't resist playing a little more with the Sparklers! Here is a bracelet I made with them (I'm only here to play along, the prize is between the rest of the entries :) http://websterspages.ning.com/photo/february-challenge-sparkler-bracelet?context=latest

Milagros C. Rivera

Hi just finished my LO for the challenge, I even included some very sneaky recycled pieces like packaging ;) here's the link http://websterspages.ning.com/photo/img-8735-001-edited-1?context=latest


What a fun challenge!!!
Can I use a webster's pages paper and sparklers not from websters?

Doris Widder

Thanks for a fun challenge! Here's my take on it:


Keren Tamir

I loved this challenge and Gabi your layout is beautiful!!

Shell Carman

Great challenge! here is my entry http://websterspages.ning.com/photo/february-challenge-my-ballerina-girl?context=user


Rachael Funnell

FANTASTIC Challenge Gabi & your Layout is GORGEOUS.....♥

Elizabeth Russell

Awesome Challenge, I had a blast working on it !!!!!!


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