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February 13, 2012


Renee J.

Thanks for sharing, Brandin! Your post and pictures are truly lovely!!

Most of all I love my family and friends! If course, being crafty always makes me happy. Oh, and I love music, too!!

Doris Widder

Great photos! ♥ your little cuties. :-D

Shades of blue have always been my favorite since I was a tot...however, the particular shade I happen to love best has changed over the years repeatedly. I guess I was destined to have a house full of boys! lol Having my daughter gave me a love of pink and lavender, though I despised pink all growing up.

Okay...sushi is by far my fave, but can't afford to have it every day or there would be nothing left for WP goodies...and that just can't happen!...therefore, it's a once a month luxury that I turned Larry onto. He thought he hated sushi until I made him try it....imagine that...hating sushi?!! No, that's not allowed either. ;-D

Other things I love...Taten at 12 yrs old still ends every phone call with I love you, no matter who is around to hear. Alex at 10 still adores babies and loves to snuggle with Christian and lets him get away with anything and everything. Madison turned 7 on Saturday and as we got in the car to head home after her party called out, "this is the best day ever!" Matthew, 5...turns 6 next month (say it isn't so!!!), is still my smiley, happy-go-lucky, charismatic, little cutie. Christian, now almost 20 months, is fearless and makes us wonder every day how we ended up with a circus baby...and finally, Larry who still can't go to bed when he's out of town (it's Vermont tonight) until he gets me on the phone to say goodnight...no matter how tired he is. :-D

Denise van Deventer

Thanks Brandin...and yes..life is definitely good! I love your little tid bits of inspiration..
Things that also inspire me:
-My son Joe
-African summer sunrise
-Beautiful colours and flowers
-Quotes and thoughts

Jolanda Simons

I love all the things around me.......my friends at school,my lovely scrappy stuff.....and most of all my family and my kiddo's.
Have a happy Valentines day!

Jessica Toulmin

I love finding inspiration - looking at blogs, craft websites, magazines. I love taking photos, and looking at photos I've taken - old and new - over and over again. I love girly colours and patterns - but I never seem to scrap with them. I love finding papers, embellishments and collections that suit for photos of toddler boys. I love crafting!

Rosie Vega

absolutely loving & feeling inspired by your color inspirations....

Isn't it FANTASTIC to love little people...I have two of my own, so I totally understand :)

I love to love everyday!

Brandin, sending much Florida sunshine your way!!!

Jean Marmo

What fun!! Loving the chance to explore my creativity!


Those kiddos in the tub.....I could eat them up!!!! SO beautiful!!
I love making valentines with my daughter for her classmates - so sweet!!
I love my daughter`s Ì love you more`contests!!
I love having a wonderful, supportive family!!
And I love having such beautiful scrappy items to record my love!!

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