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February 08, 2012


Renee J.

Oh, Brandin, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story!! I am so happy for all of you. Through this wonderful world of scrapbooking we meet some really amazing people. Big thanks to both you and Courtney for enriching our lives!!

Denise van Deventer

Congrats to Courtney on her new book! It looks great and I love a good read, so will definitely seek it out! The team at Websters looks like a very close circle and it's great to see the support for one another! That support and friendship builds great and successful companies!

Dale Tiernan

Thanks for sharing. I've had a read of her blog this morning. Quite incredible. Looking forward to getting the book. I'm in Australia so I'll have to use Amazon too.


congratulation Courtney !!! you are special for me ! and I wish you a wonderful adventure with this book !!!


That's a wonderful post Brandin. It's cool to read how your friendship has developed.
Courtney, I am so happy for you! You so deserve your continued success xo

Doris Widder

OMGoodness what a wonderful post! LOVE that she sent that video to you in her application...brilliant! So awesome that you got a glimpse of her personality even before she had the job! Love that she was giggling and even added something so random. Courtney is a gem and such a fantastic addition to the WP family! She's done an incredible job in her role and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of her book! :-D

Jolanda Simons

Congrats Courtney!!!

Diana Brodeur

Super congrats Courtney! What an amazing accomplishment!


Thank you so much for it!

nicolle Kramer

Congrats Courtney!xoxo

beatrice lawson

Congrats Courtney! And Brandin, thank you for sharing such a sweet story. You have a wonderful team and it shows in the beautiful creations we get to enjoy!


I posted on Courtney's blog yesterday! How exciting for all of you!

charity becker

Congrat's Courtney!!!! Love to hear this about you, and thanks Brandin for the heads up!


Tears! You are both amazing so I see why you would.be friends! Courtney is amazing--so kind. Congrats!

Julie Walton

Courtney rocks...and so do you :)


WP blog is a very special place. Never thought I'd be ever moved, touched, stunned or actually crying over a scrapbook blog! However, this often happens here. Love such posts. Love to know that there are such people out there in the world. Thank you for taking everything so close to heart, so seriously, so personally.

iris uy

OMG Courtney! I always knew you were a talent that was like "out of this world amazing"! I thought we knew your gifts already... and THEN you became our PR person, blew our minds... and THEN... here you are with a book! Brandin has reason to be very proud of you - we all are! Congratulations Courtney!!


I am glad to see that you found the right person who fits the Webster Pages team. However it would have been nice to know the position was filled before now. I sent an email two weeks ago asking about this position because it is still listed as open over at scrapbookupdate.com. I received no answer.



so exciting! thanks for telling us about it.


Congrats to Courtney and I have to say, I have always loved hearing her tell her stories and reading her posts here on WP so I KNOW I will love her book! I think you all seem like a wonderfully happy "Family" at WP's and Courtney fit right in!!
Crafty Hugs,

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