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February 22, 2012



Awwww, Jaz, looks so cozy and beautiful! I`d love to spend a week or two by you ;-))))

Jolanda Simons

Wow Love to peak at somebody else's scrapbooking place.And Jazz her place is beautiful!!
(just like her work!!)
Thanks Jaz,forletting us see your scrappy place.

Cynthia Guerrero

Wow Love it. Thank you for sharing (:

Louise Johnson

it's great to have a room that is organized and beautiful too!




One of my favourite things to do (other than scrapping) is to look at other people's scrapping spaces. Just love it. HB


It's very romantic...Love it...I'm spread out all over the living room...& d.r.

Doris Widder

Wonderful craft space! Love it!


Jaz, my friend, lovely space you have!
Someday I would love to share my space with you...literally:)

Patty O'Malley

I don't think I would ever leave this room! Of course, it is as gorgeous as all of Jaz' projects are! Thank you, Jaz, for giving us a peek.


Jaz!! I LOVE LOVE your scrap place!! The room design is exactly the same like your LO!! Beautiful, beautiful!! And I think I know where you got that storage bin from hehe!! Thanks for sharing this with us, Jaz!! =)

Gabrielle Pollacco

Well no wonder your pages are so gorgeous Jaz, your room is as inspiring as your work!! BEAUTIFUL!! xx


Awwwww!! Thank you so very much everyone!!! From sharing my son's study table to do my scrapping, now I have a lil scrap corner of my own. Although it is not as big as it seems to be in the photo lol ! and not as clean as it is everyday {lol, just cleaned up for CNY you see},im happy with this humble cozy lil corner.

Come over my friends...we can scrap together, over coffee and cupcakes ;) heehee !

Thank you Webster's Pages for sharing this cave... my, how very honoured....;)

love, jaz

Linda Leonhardt

I love it! It's so vintage, just my style!! I love the little suitcases too!!


Your space is so YOU, Jaz!! Absolutley beautiful!!!

Gan Hong Lian

I love your scrap room, beautiful... (:


What a lovely space! I love storage boxes in the first photo!


Love your space, Jaz! So feminine and pretty!!!

Jean Marmo

WOW!!! I am never showing any of you my space:)

Jona Panesa

jaz really loved bird cages!!! her space is truly her!


Thank you so much !! Eeek all your comments make me wanna go to my room and take a good look at it lol thx ladies heehee

Syracuse cross country

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