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November 04, 2011


jen Hughes

What I am thankful for most right now... I am most thankful for my amazing husband, just recently I almost lost him due to a misdiagnosed heart condition! He is only 43 years old and now has a pacemaker, I would be lost without him we have been married 23 years! And I am thankful to have him with me every day!


I am thankful for my family!


ouhhh...sou grata a minha filha que alegra demais meu coração...Ela tem 3 anos e 1/2 e é o grande propósito de minha vida!!!

Miriam Prantner

In this moment i'm thankful it's Friday! That's an amazing album BTW!

Betty Sue

I am grateful that it is Friday! School is out for the weekend!

Beth Greco

Friends and Family. This weekend I'm packing for a trip to see long time family friends who are in the midst of some medical issues. So I'm thankful for my own health and that I can go to share a little love with them!

Karen B Kontrath

I am thankful for my kids. They are my life and why I scrapbook.

Carla Suto

I am thankful for my family and friends and thankful that right now, most are healthy and happy.

Lucky Charms

I am thankful for my kids and that they are healthy. I have a friend whose son has leukemia and it is such a battle for her. She reminds us every chance she gets to love our kids and hug them everyday and be thankful that they can do everything that they can. God bless little Josh and hope you get well soon.


Ha, ha, ha! Gorgeous mini full of pretty details!

We were displaced from our home because of the recent snow storm and last night we were able to return so I'm very grateful for my own bed!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Kelly Massman

This book is so pretty! I'm grateful (as always) for my family! Thanks for a chance to win, and have a FANTASTIC weekend!


This mini is gorgeous! Right now I am most thankful for my 3 musketeers chocolate. Just what I need to make my day better!

charity becker

that amazing kraft/cardboard/envelope album has me SINGING with inspiration...so I guess that's what I'm thankful for in this exact instance...WP it's YOU!!!!


Right this moment, I'm thankful for warm sweaters and matcha tea - I feel like I'm fighting a cold and I'm hoping the matcha will help me ward it off before it really sinks in.


I am thankful for being able to watch my grandson play soccer--he loves the game and I enjoy watching his enthusiasim!

This album is beautiful! I love the fact that the whole family gets to include what each is thankful for. Priceless memories!


I am thankful that my 4 year old son is spending the day at his grandparent!! FREEDOM!!

Theresa Lee

I am thankful for this beautiful Autumn day - started out rainy, but the sun is out, the air is a bit crisp, and the leaves are gorgeous!

Laura, love your album! I think you have inspired me to put something together like that for Thanksgiving this month - my favorite holiday! Love spending time with family and friends and some good food!

Emily Keaton

I'm thankful for good friends who take time out of their days to truly listen to me!!

Phyllis M.

Wonderful envelope album very inspiring. Right now am thankful for my family and friends. Thanks for a great giveaway, love Webster's.


Right this moment I'm thankful for my husband who keeps putting wood on the fire because baby, it's cold out there!

Michelle Easters

I am so grateful for Internet friends today. A man in a truck nearly mowed down myself and 3 of my kids today and words of comfort from Internet buddies were a godsend x


I love the envelope album! Beautiful.
And right now, I am thankful for coffee with Chocolate Peppermint creamer! Tasty and warm on a cold fall day!


Stunning envelope album! Right this moment I am grateful for my computer where I can always log on for gorgeous creativity and inspiration.


I'm thankful for an orthodontist appointment that got me out of school and here on my laptop entering your fine giveaway.

Tanya Phillips

I love this, I have to try one! Right now I am thankful that I have a job, now hubby needs one and all will be well! Happy Friday!

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