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November 21, 2011


Taylor Moore

I want them BOTH! awesome! <3

Michelle Easters

I want them both to any idea on UK postage please Courtney so I know a total I can work on hubby with lol :)

Courtney Walsh


Each kit weighs 3 lbs. each so shipping rates will vary but will range from $6-$15(international postal):)

Start working it, girl!! :)



I had the very same question :)
No need to work on my hubby:)


Wow! Worth staying up for...can't wait to get my hands on some more WP Goodies!

Lara Carson

This is mighty tempting! Lovely little kits at amazing bargain prices!

Sondra Kolner

I want them both!! Wish I had "connections" so I could order them sooner LOL Sondra

Marilyn Nimmo

Guess I will be staying up--love Webster's Pages collections. . .

Doris Widder

Awesome kits!

Debbie G.

Can't wait! We're going to be in Italy but I'm gonna do my best to get an order in. Hope I make it! Ciao!

Liza Yahya

O wow, both are super gorgeous kits! Both r TDF

Lindy Desu

It it able to ship to singapore?? How much will it cost??

Sharon Fields

Excellent Kits

Chloe Chan

Hi Lindy Desu,

I can share the shipping with you if you want to. I would like to order from Singapore too! :)

Chloe Chan

Michelle Easters

OK worked magic on hubby :) sorry to be dense but will these be on the normal shop site?

Ann J

I will be waiting! Both are very nice. 11:00pmCST here I come!

patti hamil

Ummmm, Courtney, count me in, I'll be there!!! LOL! Websters and Old Navy, what a combo! LOL!


I hope I'm up, I'm in Ireland and don't know the time difference.


Hi Linda Desu and Chloe Chan,

can share with me, too. I'm also in singapore =)

Mitchy B

Do you have the link to purchase these? If not, where do I find them on the website. And lastly, do I need to be preregistered or in a database already?

Suzie McFloozy

Do I have to purchase a groupon code ?!

Or is there a promo code ?
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

caroleanne wright

Hi what time will this be UK GMT? many thanks from Carole


Well if I am not to full of turkey and pie, I am gonna try and stay up and order... this sure beats having to get up in the middle of the night and get in a cold car and wait outside of a store with a million others to fight for 2 deals in the store! LOL! Love both these kits... can't decide on either one, so am just gonna have to try and get both! I got the last time you had this deal and it was my favorite kit ever! Not gonna ask hubby, gonna just get them and wrap them and put them under the tree and say THANKS HONEY... and he will act like he really did get them! GREAT GUY! Happy Turkey Day Courtney!

Jeanne Kelly

I'm going to try and stay up to buy one - but the house will be full on Thanksgiving, so not sure I can make it....I sure am going to try my best!

Rea Custer

Beautiful kits, I'm in. Can't wait to order. Thanks for the great deal.

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