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October 23, 2011


Doris Widder

wow...that would totally be me and the kids out in the hallway because Christian would be climbing the pews and trying to dive backwards off of them...fully expecting someone to magically catch him before he could hit the floor and M&M so fidgetty in their seats they start talking, then invariably arguing about something nonsensical and Alex building some wildly imaginative and creatively intriguing creation (albeit quietly) while sitting on the floor blocking an aisle. :-/ Yeah...no. Haven't tried Church with all the kids yet, but I applaud you for trying! :-D The older kids go with GMa instead. lol

I think a MyNovelTree book would make a perfect gift for my sil. She's currently preggers with baby #2 and busy with volunteering w/her Church, baby #1, her hubby, the house and a wild variety of activities. She used to scrap, but stopped shortly after my nephew was born. One of these gorgeous books would be the perfect addition to her beautiful home. :-D


TFS Brandin..ive been there, done that lol and YESHHH NovelTree is the best thing that had ever happened to anyone LOL!! Love NovelTree!! thank you Brandin for making everyone happy with the beautiful things you create..


Candy Rosenberg

Always show your real side, be genuine, as we love you just the way you are! Wild animals and all! Thank you for sharing!


LOL, you're the modern day Proverb 31 Woman !
Enjoy every moment that time goes by so very fast.


LOL! This is so cute and adorable! And those are the best pictures! No professional photographer can capture the simple joys in live like this! And I wouldn't call them wild animals just yet - the church is intact, the three musketeers seem fine... Enjoy them being small, huggable and mischievous while it lasts:-)

hugs 'n smiles,

Jona Panesa

it really is a good photo to capture your unguarded moment with your lil monsters!!!

Anabelle O'Malley

The look on your face is just priceless!! I love it! And the fact that your dear hubby pulled out the camera to take it is great! Yep, it's a perfect memory to capture. :)

Patty O'Malley

Love this natural, true to life photo!

Jean Marmo

Love seeing honest moments. My kids are older and I don't think I have photos of those times.

Courtney Walsh

We always leave church early for the same reason, knowing we're supposed to let our youngest "cry it out" in his class but just being unwilling to do that...

I love this post. And you're so right...sometimes life is just too busy!

Julie O.

Oh my goodness, Brandin! I LOVE it!!! I think your idea for the MyNovel Tree book is brilliant.

Gabrielle Pollacco

Teehee...makes me smile...I remember those days...wish I could say it gets better but it only gets different as they get older :)

Tammy M

Oh, I am sooo happy that you shared this! LOL I thought I was the only one with wild animals! It is nice to see the "REAL" life of other families and not the sugar coated life. Normality is the realization of craziness! My family make me who I am! Your beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your products!
Life is like a bowl of cherries!

בגדי מעצבים

It would be all up to me and the boys out of the corridor as a Christian would be climbing on the benches, and trying to dive back of them.

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