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June 10, 2011


Fleur Smith

I don't think I can be much help LOL. Just when I think my life is in balance something always comes along to unbalance it. I think that if life were balanced maybe it wouldn't be so exciting, trerrifying, joyful, crazy, crappy, satisfying, miserable and just plain amazing.

At the end of the day our family sits at the dinner table and says one good thing and one bad thing about the day. I love listening to their answers and to know that no matter how bad the day there was always at least one good thing :)

Rachael Elliott

Gosh you have been busy! I bet you wouldn't change it though :)
Life is a juggling act with kids, husband, work and everything else that goes in the mix but working as a nurse I see too many people who have their lives cruelly cut short. I have learnt not to put such high expectations on myself, at the end of the day does it matter if the tea is a bit late or the hoovering doesn't get done until tomorrow? To get a happy balance in life you need to make some personal compromises.
Can't wait to see the new collections!

Angela Green

relax dont worry about getting things done there is always tomorrow as long as alls happy jobs are not important


Balance, eh? Well that is a life-long challenge, isn't it! LOL!! I keep a to do list, write one as I go along - whether it is checked off or not is another story. But you can only try, right? My indulgence is when everyone goes to bed, I whip out my Kindle and do a little reading ;0)

Have a great weekend!!


Lists seem to help me in balancing! When all else fails... I like a good bubble bath and a book. :)

Sarah R

With a new baby it has been difficult to find some balance. It took me a while to realize it is okay to take time out for yourself - it makes it easier to handle the million things to do day to day. so now, I leave the baby with his Daddy and take time for some pampering - nothing like a mani-pedi or massage to make you feel relaxed!

Roselyn Riley

I am a strong believer in ME time. Never let anyone prevent you from loving yourself. The better you are, the better you can love and take care of others.


I dont think balance and my name go in the same sentence. I work full time. We watch a DGD after school and get her on the bus for summer school. My dads on hospice....very busy crazy days for me. I think my mind is always on rewind. It helps to fine a bit of time to scrapbook.

Emily Keaton

I try to keep my life in balance by making sure that the "taking care of me" things don't get squeezed out of my schedule. If I'm in good shape, then I'm in good shape to manage everything else we have going on!! And I try to take time to create as often as possible (to keep my sanity--can't have balance without *that*). Your kits look incredible. Thanks for the chance to win!!


It's not easy to achieve balance. I try to devote a sufficient amount of time each day for my physical, emotional, spiritual, and recreational needs. Being balanced comes at a price. I have to "buy out" time for the things that really matter, giving priority to the most important things first. Then, the less important things fall neatly in between, as there is time for them. The big things are like golf balls put into a jar and the small things are like sand. The golf balls have to go into the jar first and the sand can pour in around them, but if I try to start off with the "sand" (the smaller things), the golf balls (the bigger things) won't fit into my proverbial jar and I'll find myself having to juggle. I'm not much of a juggler.


I don't have to balance right now. I just finished my education, so now I have some time off! It's nice to finally be able to iron my clothes instead of picking everything from the pile with clean clothes!

Brenda Weaver

Focus on the things that are truly important and learn to let the other things go. And try to sneak some time for yourself every once in a while. Balance isn't always easy and I've decided that those who look like they're doing it all really aren't. They're just doing the things that others see. No one is super human. Do what you can and let the rest go.


How to balance your life.....chocolate is always good, soaking in the tub is good, going for a walk is good and the dog always appreciates getting her life balanced, but the simplest thing is to just breathe!!!

Cheers to you! Cocoa

Andrea Amu

Such a sweet giveaway, but really I don't think I'm all too great on handing out advice about balancing life! Lol! Perhap by taking more naps, lol! It seems to make me feel better anyway! ;)


LOL, your cutie pie is so true;) And it seems like you've been super busy lately! Mmm...balance...that's not really in my life either;) The only thing that can help is a short vacation: some time to sleep again, read magazines and just relax. But the pre-vacation stress and the after-vacation duties aren't really balancing unfortunately;)

Jen R

Chocolate solves every problem!

Tami F

The never ending to-do list helps me keep balanced because I put everything on it. What I want to do as well as what I need to do. If something stays on the list too long, I figure it isn't really that critical. And when I actually see a page with a lot of items crossed out, it helps me not feel guilty about the things I didn't get done.


While there is no perfect balance I have found I am really refreshed if I go to a 12 hr crop every other month. It gives me some me time and keeps my daughter's books from being too far behind-and Daddy and baby girl get one on one time without Mama hovering.

Judy Ray

Balance. I take some time for myself everyday. It may mean getting up 15 minutes early to read my Bible and pray. It always means my coffee latte. A lot of love and the realization that times goes by so fast. I scrap some everyday to balance the pressures of daily living. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Rachael Funnell

LOL! about the octopus thing....
I think we all go there, life seems balanced for a while, then WHAM the next adventure comes!!!
For ME, I get everyone Me, Hubby & 2 kiddlets)to stop! We get a movie & just chill!!!
I doesn't fix anything but, It gets us a little Quality time together........
Awesome Giveaway Thanx~


Not sure when balanced swopped with disorder, lol, sure not so bad everyday, but boy it gets hectic around here and the only way for me to focus again, i get into my crafting, whether visiting blogs or busy with a project, that is a sure recipe for getting relaxed!! I do have one habit , cause short term memory a bit lost, hehehe, i always have lots of pieces of paper with notes to myself written, lol, sometimes a note to remind me about another note, but life is still good!!!
That is some super yummy candy, hoping you will post to South Africa too, pretty please...........LOL
lotsa luv

Camila Borssoi

I try to balance life with a daily walk with my dog, it's refreshing!

Deanna Dark

A balanced life...When "Mommy" ain't happy, "Daddy" sends her off on a "girl's night" which usually consists of dinner and Scrabble with my girl, Jen....now that she's 3,000 miles away it's dinner and a movie with a friend. Not sure if that balances life out...but it makes for happier family life! :)~


I get balanced by bloging and leave some feedback to people and scrapping getting feedback Love this art and it makes me feel good.

Janet Zeppa

One day at a time!!! And a long to do list!

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