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April 08, 2011



I love you even without the giveaway. Websters is my most favourite scrapbook company. Everything is simply gorgeous!

Margie Visnick

What a pretty project!! My 3 favorites are the paper, fabric flower, and the bloomers!


Oh I absolutely love it all. What a pretty display! I'd have to say the paper and trim catch my eye followed by the fabric flowers and pins! SO GORGEOUS!!

Dianne H

Love it all but especially the papers and trims. Have a great weekend.

Beth Greco

You bet we can all be bought!!

As for a happy crafting heart, the papers, the vintage sparklers and the lace float my boat!! Hope you're feeling better really soon.

Elizabeth C.

I love it all! My idea of heaven would be able to sit in your factory and just soak it all in! LOL http://visionsofpaper.blogspot.com/

Laura C

I want to say all of it but if i HAVE to pick something it would be the blue ribbon - it makes me smile

Lara Carson

What a beautiful project, with gorgeous colors and textures. I see what you are offering, and if that gorgeous little block is the prize, as is, I would not use any of it, just keep it as is as a pretty decoration! And if it comes unassembled, I think I would try and fafshion something just like it!

Carla Suto

I hope you are feeling better, Brandin! I love everything I see on that beautiful little box! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Jovanne Tan

Get well soon, Brandin! And lots of thanks on featuring me, even though you aren't very well :)
FREEBIES rock! Kekeke. I loVe them. I love papers, and floral bouquets, and pins. All these are rely useful to me!! I've just purchased my new Webster's products{trendsetter, country estate and ladies&gents} they're really nice. I love all your designs!!

Jodi Dolbel

Sounds Delish!! Your forgiven for being MIA


I absolutely love it all!!! How can you choose just three?:)


How next week goes better for you. Embellishments of any kind make my heart happy. I can always find a way to use them. Thanks for the chance to win.

Phyllis M.

Oh goodness love it all hard to choose but would go with the papers, lace, and the sparklers. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and for a chance to win.


So much fun, welcome back!!


I love the flowers, big and small and the push pins and especially the sparklers, welcome back!!!


Too many sweet things to pick. Vintage sparklers would brighten up our snowy day in Prescott, AZ...thanks bunches!!!


I love them all - especially the trims and flowers. Everything is beautiful!


I love it all!! My addiction is paper and trim. I don't have any pins. So....paper, trim and pins...it is.


I'm loving everything that I see.... Life has a way of getting us out of our zone but I'm sure you will be back going strong again in now time. Thanks for a chance to win this fantastic prize. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us.

Elena Chamberlain

This is my first time on this freebie thing.... WOW what gorgeous stuff!!! It's all very beautiful but my favorites would be the pins and all the flowers. I love flowers of every kind except the one dimension flat ones. Oh how fun it would be to have some of your stuff to play with.

Thanks for putting out the chance.

Lisa Somerville

It all makes my heart happy!


it all makes me happy - it is sooo pretty
i would like to know what you used as a base- please do tell

Tricia Dee

My heart is made happy by the gorgeous paper, the trim and the pins!


I'm all about paper and of course Webster's paper lines are amazing...hope we get some sun soon!

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