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April 08, 2011


Karen Wilson=)

That is gorgeous!! Paper, trim and flowers make my heart happy...I'm in heaven with those 3! Thanks for the chance to win some fab goodies!


Never stop liking ya! LOL! The lil pins and the paper makes my heart thump.

Joan Anderson

Oh my! The pins, the fabric flowers and the papers would be awesome! Love, love, love them!

Sally Finegold

Paper, trim & lotus blooms, Oh My!


We all get a little busy with life :) I drool for that scruptious paper...its why I love to scrap. All those yummy papers make me feel happy when I get to play with them :O)


For me it would be.. trims, paper, and fabric flowers!


Hi; Yeah many things make my crafting heart happy - but especially the thick paper and the ribbon / lace! I love flowers, so even if it's on a paper it's ok to make me happy!

La Vikinga

Iris S

Fantastic!! Love the paper, colors, pin, spool- everything here is just PERFECT

N. Sara Williams

I'm a vintage sparkler girl myself. I just ordered a few of the new ones and can't wait to work with them.


It all makes my heart happy! So pretty! If I "had" to chose, I would be dreaming of the lotus blooms.

Tara Leeann

Every human deserves a day to be sick in bed:), but thanks anyways for the chance to win some goodies, you are the best! Those fabric flowers sure are pury!!

Tara Leeann

pury=purdy, thats what happens when you have a 1 year old helping you type!!:)whoops


The trims always get my heart beating a little faster and I love that lotus flower.

Sandra Y.

If I win, it will be so hard to pick 3, but the fabric flowers will be one of them.


Simply gorgeous!!! I love trims, papers and flowers!!! Feeling like Spring here!


I love the fabric flowers, the trim and vintage sparklers.....It´s not easy to choose..

Lisa Amiet

OH! We could never not like you!!! But my heart beats a little...well lots quicker lol when I spy the trims, pins and gorgeous little sparklers!!

Amy M.

Life happens to us all! This project is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for a chance to win this awesome prize.

Audrey W.

What's NOT to love? But, I have to admit I am a SERIOUS paper addict!!


Oh I love the paper, trims and flowers.


The Paper is really cool!

gloria l

Everything is just beautiful, the papers, trims, fabric flowers... everything!

Aimee K

Loving it all!! Not too picky when it comes to Webster's products!! :) Thanks for the chance to win!!


oh boy - LOVE it all. if you're gonna make me choose - the trim is to die for, I am a bit of a addict when it comes to adorable pins, and the bloomer of course!

jan m

The total package is my favorite.... a little bit of fabric, some trim, designer paper, blooms and sparklers, trinket pins, perhaps a little something found.... Just snagged some Webster sparklers on a scrapbooking bus trip yesterday, can't wait to play!!

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