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April 15, 2011



I so love WP journaling cards,that can't stop buying them!

But I prefer to use short and strong words in it)


I love short and sweet, but almost always use hidden messages. I love the idea of the person finding the message by accident and discovering a wonderful surprise. this LO, is beyond words. TFS. I love these journaling tags, what a great giveaway.


I'm one of those persons who almost never journals on her pages, mainly because my layouts are so full that I don't have any space to write a little something;) But I definitely want to change that. Just because it's the stories behind the pictures that really matter and I'd love to record them more often. These utterly gorgeous journal cards from Webster's would be a perfect way to do that:)

Sølvi Helen Silnes

I want a chance to win your beautiful journaling cards! I love it short and sweet;)
Have a nice weekend!

Regards from Norway


I use 'hidden' a lot - especially if I have a lot to say.

Much of the time I find it quite difficult to decide what I'm going to journal.

Toni :o)


Sometimes mine could go long and detailed, but usually short and sweet!! I duper <3 the gorgeous journaling cards; and the layout is amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win!!:D

Dianne H

I prefer short and factual but when the occasion arises hidden journalling is ideal so that the stories get recorded for future generations. WP cards are very versatile.


I struggle to journal on my layouts, I don't know why because I normally do have a story to tell, but I wont be around in a 100 years when someone finds them in the attic, can you imagine finding a box of scrapbooking pages that are a hundred years old! So I am going to try and journal more on my pages or even write the story on the back would be another option. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies, take care and happy scrapping x.


I just love these journaling cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

Peggy Freedman

Journaling is probably the most difficult part of scrapping for me. I have such a hard time figuring out how to tell my story and have it fit with the theme of my layout. I probably have too much say, but it's for the future after all and the message is really just as important as the picture. These cards just might be the answer to my prayers, a way to piece it together in a way that fits the layout and looks like it belongs. Thanks for the inspiration.

Beth Greco

Journaling is my least favourite part of scrapbooking. For one thing I'm not so fond of my hand writing so I prefer to do it on the computer. I like the date and place locations to be out and about but I like to pick the personal message hidden. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies that will perhaps encourage me to journal more often.

Margareta Carlsson

Those tags are so cute! I love hidden journaling! It's so exciting to explore a page with hidden items on it. I love the surprise moment when you find something unexpected. :)


I'm mostly short and sweet. Beautiful layout!

Robin H

My journaling style varies with each layout. Sometimes, the story is reallllly long, and I hide it somewhere in the layout. Sometimes, there's just a short sentence or two scribbled somewhere across the page. And sometimes, there's no journaling at all! I love the ladies and gents journaling cards... so cute!

Lara Carson

It is usually right on the page for all to see. I try to keep it short, but it usually gets a little longer, especially if there are a lot of things I want to have go with the picture.

Aimee K

I am mostly a short and sweet kinda gal but when there's a story to be told about the event, I'll do more journaling and stick it somewhere in the layout for my kid's to read when they get older and want to know more than what the pictures show.

Jacquie D

I'm a short and sweet journaling gal for the most part. These journaling cards are so lovely, why hide them? However, if I do want to leave a more personal note, I do sometimes hide a little note.

Kelly Massman

My journaling style is short and sweet!! Thanks for a chance to win!

Sarah R

I'm not a journaller (is that a word?;-) - but I think I could bring myself to adding some stories to layouts if I had these beautiful journaling cards!


I am definitely a short and sweet one out here.

Emily Keaton

Short and sweet! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

jan m

Short and sweet! Envy those who journal and narrate!!


Given enough space, I could write a novel, but sharing online was a very difficult step for me to take in the beginning. Dena, Steph, Ellen and many others on InspireMe made the transition so much easier for me and I'll be forever grateful to them for helping me break out of my shell. :-D I still prefer hidden journaling and often wait to add journaling after I've already taken photos to share online. BUT that's one of my goals for this year. I love inspirational quotes and lyrics...I'd like to add some to my pages. I'm also trying not to worry so much about my penmanship and just let that part of me show on my pages. After all, isn't that just one more part of me to share w/my kids?


Love the LO and those journaling cards! I TRY to keep it short and sweet but sometimes long and detailed. Depends on the story. Thanks for a chance to win.


My journaling varies. Sometimes a photo is scrapped mainly to get it on a page and showcased, so the journaling is short and sweet. :) Other times, it can go on and on, and so I'll add a hidden journaling tag so the layout won't be overloaded!

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