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March 30, 2011



That's Awesome. I bet they will be really excited when they wake up in the morning. What a cool mom.


AWWW! You guys are so awesome! Love that your hubby's got so into the project too! That's so sweet! :-D

Your path of lovey messages reminds me of the scavenger hunt I send my kids on for Easter Eggs and sometimes their birthdays. When the kids are too young to read, I sketch pictures of where they should look for the first one, then when they find it there's also a picture clue for the next one with it. Once they're able to read, I write a single word clue that rhymes with what it's hiding near. The older kids get more elaborate clues. :-D

My kids also love it when I leave them a little note or card on top of their school clothes in the morning, tucked in their shoe or backpack, or sometimes resting on their seat at the breakfast table. :-)


WOW! This is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen! What a great idea!!!


Isn't that a lovely idea.

Toni :o)


Ohhhh, that is wonderful!!

Mitsue Iwata

I just can't wait to see their reaction! Such a lovely idea!

Jolanda Simons

this is so very sweet!sometimes we forget to do nice....(i do;)
And this is such a sweet "I LOVE YOU "
My son is 6 and he can read i think he will like it very much!
Thanks for the idea!!


What a sweet idea:-) I'm making sure that each of mine get at least 1000 kisses per day:-) And one big squeeze to remind them that they should stay little and huggable as long as possible:-)


That is just so sweet!


That's awesome! It's nice to do something special like that for the kids. I have to admit I sometimes forget.

Jeni (Joc)

Oh Brandin that is sooooo wonderful. What a thrill your kids must have felt. Absolutely that's what kids want. It's the simple thing that send the most powerful messages of love.
How loved your kids must have felt waking up to this.

Audrey W.

We do things like this...little notes left around...unexpected hugs, spontaneous outings...yes, it's the little things they will always remember...

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