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January 27, 2011


Nadia Cannizzo

love the designer threads! really cool!

Ki Kruk

Oh my....to pick one favourite is near impossible! But if I must.... I'd say the designer threads are absolutely delicious!


Love the bloomers as always and the bulk trim... I want it all! :)

Angie Gray

I love it all, but think the bloomers are my favorite! ♥

Dianne H

All gorgeous but really do like the netting and Designer Threads.

Gloria Baures

The trims are GORGEOUS!!! *sigh*...can't wait to get my hands on it!


I love the bulk trims as well as the doilies & shapes.
Safe travels!


Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon....I love ribbon !!

Tammy Gayheart

I love it all!!! So hard to choose. I have to have it ALL! I can narrow my choices (for the moment) down to 3! In no particular order ... bloomers, bulk trim, & the netting! Have a safe & great trip to CHA and I'll be counting down to see the rest!

Shannon T

I love all of it but I am partial to the bloomers!


It's always so hard to choose what I like the best but I think I 'partial to the overlays & oh the crochet elements are so vintage yet modern.I'd be thrilled with any of this collection!


OMG! These are incredible!!! I knew the transparencies were coming, but they're even nicer than I'd imagined they would be! Gorgeous new bloomer colors, Very Very cool netting! But I wasn't expecting the Designer Threads!!! Those are fabulous! I think those have to be my faves just cuz I wasn't prepared for those beauties! :-D

Becky D

Again, you have made it so hard to choose one favorite! I do love those designer threads though - they are fabulous!

Christine N

I'll have to stick with the bloomers and that buttery yellow color is yummy!!! Love the transparincies and the designer threads are gorgeous!!!

Kat Baker

I am mad about your new pinwheels, but my most favorite in all the world is Bloomers. i love them all. Purple use to be my favorite, but this yellow is scrumptous. Webster's Pages is the best.


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I want it all..hard to choose just one or even two or three...the bulk ribbon is running on the high list for me..the netting is Beautiful...ahhhhh you guys are killing me...here..I love them all...

Theresa Felts

It's truly impossible to choose a favorite. The Designer Threads - Doilies and shapes are divine, but then there's the gorgeous Bloomers trim...if I have to bite the bullet and choose though..despite the agony, i pick the Designer Threads - Doilies.
Seriously, everything is so lovely...thank you for the opportunity.

Julie O.

OH WOW!!! Brandin!! You have out done yourself!! The color of the bloomers is to die for. But when I saw those doilies...oh my! I'm also in love with the trim and will definitely be needing one of each! ; )


WOW the buttons and ribbon's are bEAUTIFUL!!


Everything is stunning but I'm always excited about trims and the designer thread look fabulous! Have fun at CHA!!!!!

Lexi Daniel

Can't wait to get my grubby hands on that luscious trim!


Love all of it but the bulk trim was fabulous!!

Susan Day

I love the bulk trims! OMGosh... heaven on a spool!

Rachel C

Oh my! Love the netting and the chipboard buttons. :-)


I'm in LOVE with the transparencies!!! My brain is swarming with pictures to use with them.

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