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November 14, 2010


Lisa Macomber

super cute! and the page is cute too..
love the warm tones and just the splash of blue in the amazing new organza ribbon trim. and since I am full of compliments tonight, amazing handwriting...I do very little journaling because I hate my handwriting and typed journaling is not as personal to me.

Deborah Young

I love the organic elements you added. It's so beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your awesome embellishments!


Love the page Brandin and the story behind it! My girls have hairclips and ponytails and if one pair is missing or it's no longer useable, i keep them! Those little decor that falls off the clip is great for scrapbook embellishments!


How about use ferry or bridge toll receipts...or receipts of any kind...grocery stores, your favorite clothing store etc.
Love your layout. I always felt so lucky to be a mom and no matter how old our children get those "mom" feelings stay the same.

Nancy K

Oh my! Simply stunning. love the feel, gorgeous design.

Heather Stubenvoll

My daughter and I take a walk at the state park most days. She is 1 1/2 yrs old and it has been such a delight to watch her discover the world around her. She is always picking up "treasures"... leaves, twigs, rocks... anything. I have a baggy full of treasures that I've been wanting to scrapbook for a while now. This page is exactly the inspiration I needed to do it!
Personal items I've used as embellishments in the past are bracelets from the hospital, tickets to parks, my daughters baptism cloth is in a pocket on a page, dried flowers from our outdoor outings, bows off of flower vases from special occasions, cards sent to me by loved ones, or congratulations cards... I'm always saving stuff to put in a scrapbook :)

Nancy D.

I love adding found objects to projects...my 4yr.old great nephew & I are very close & I very much know the feeling you describe "loving so much it hurts" when I look at him or he does some endearing thing..of course I still feel the same way about my 39 yr.old son!

Bec Young

I like to add unique memorabillia to my pages.
I kept and added the lock of hair from my daughter's first haircut as well as the (lolly pop they gave her for being such a good girl)and turned it into a layout.
I've also kept concert/recital programmes from her dance performances.

Debbie Servantez

My daughters both loved Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Kids Library of small hardback books in a little paper covered box. Found a beat up book cover in their closet the other day...inspired me to scrap about that time and the love of those little books, and I hope to use that cover on the page.

Jona Panesa

so lovely. I love using boarding pass for my travel lay-outs.


I used little bits of ripped wrapping paper that our wedding presents were wrapped in (in our wedding album)! I have since done the same again for birthday photos. It is great to tie the photo in especially when the photo is of your child holding that wrapped present! xoxo


Brandin I agree with you, all mothers love their children, I'm in love with my little one too.
The LO reflects this love, is so cute, so pure...
Good job, lady! ;)

Christine N

What a sweet boy and a lovely page! I just love your embellies, especially the rosette ribbon!

Tomoko Takahashi

Stunning page!!! Love how the paint gives the pop up effect on the embellishments and photo! There's a lot of embellishments around you that can be used for creations! Buttons from your old children's cloths, accessories, pages from books, so on... :) I love to use accessory tops for my minibooks!!
Hope you have a great week!!!

lucy edson

Gorgeous, Brandin...I can so feel the emotion you captured and that makes this amazing. So flattered that you were inspired by us! xo

steph devlin

Brandin, wow, I love the texture you have used .... it is so wonderful and captures your arty side so beautifully. You should be so proud of what you have done, what an amazing start to your scrapbooking journey, and this page is testament to that. Just gorgeous xo

Michelle Harma

Stunning layout! I an old robe that my dad wore when he was in the hospital for 3 weeks after an accident 30+ years ago. That was the only time he ever had a robe and he gave it to me a few years ago...it is navy with tiny white polka dots. I'd like to use the fabric on a layout and perhaps a frame.

Ann Marie

Actually Brandin, it inspires me to use "less". I have a tendency to over-gunk the pages with embellies and you have a beautiful nice, clean display there with just a few of your favorites. And as usual I always LOVE the roses. But I really like the simple, cleanness of it, but you still get a feel that there is a lot going on in that page. Good job!


He is just adorable, I can see why he is easy to love:)
Another beautiful page.
Did you modge podge the leaves so they don't crumble when they dry?

Audrey W.

I love using found embellishments...makes pages more meaningful. Seashells, feathers, even small stones collected by children really personalize a page. I love the story behind your page and how beautifully you incorporated his "treasures." Love it!

Becky G.

Amazing layout, and the embellisments are perfect! You can use so many different personal things for embellishments! A favorite blankie (dress, shirt, etc.) gets ripped and isn't useable any more - cut out a piece and put it in a layout! A button, ribbon from a hair bow, a label from a long wanted toy - so many things!

Bambi Pro

He's a absolute heart breaker. What a cutie. Love how you include what he brings you into your page. STUNNING!!!


Wow, your layout is soooo beautiful and it's such a great idea to use the leaves he picked himself on your page. That makes it into one really personal and special layout. I love to use tickets on my pages too...or how about recycling the package of a present on your layout. I think that would look very pretty too.


I like the cardboard.

I've scrapped with plane ticket stubs, receipts, napkin doodles, coasters, and Christmas tree tags. I'd like to find tiny bottles for beach sand.

Sarah Watson

I just love that LO, your little boy is beyond adorable. I'm a newbie that just came across your site and I'm planning on going back and completing all the assignments to get me started on my very first album. Winning some extra goodies from you would be wonderful, I look over everything in your catalog and drool! lol.
I never win these sorts of things but I wanted to comment anyway and say thank you for giving me the inspiration and encouragement to finally get started on my very first album.
So, thank you xxx

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