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September 12, 2010


Pam D.

Brandin - this is a beautiful post !! My style changes and my current 'state of affairs' has direct bearing on my styles ! Sometimes conservative, sometimes fun, happy & playful - it is more what I feel inside ☮ I was making layouts with Seaside earlier today ! One of my favorite lines....

Amanda Sevall

I don't know that I really have a particular style... I enjoy trying it all! I tend to stick mostly with clean and simple... focus on telling a story. I can totally relate to your style and can't wait to see what you make!! :)


What a wonderful post ... love that the pictures capture life as it happens. My style is whatever the moment calls for ... I love that I can be eclectic, clean & simple, vintage, and shabby all in one weekend ... that's the joy of creating ... making it up as you go along. Thanks for the chance to win.

Lisa Macomber

I love your photo's and the way you capture your kids. My style changes and it also depends on the time I have to scrap. If I am way behind...well, then I just want to get it done. If I have a picture or event I just love than I spend more time on it. I like likes of "stuff" on my pages and sometimes I have to remind myself it is about the pictures and story and not the "stuff" I can fill my page with.


lovely photos in this post! so much JOY!
really hadn't given a thought to my style...I just scrap what I feel ~ at the time, depending on the photo! it's always something different!
love WEBSTER'S PAGES & thank you for the chance to win!

Julie W

I have always been described as an eclectic scrapper, and that is probably true, but I am able to pull off alot of different styles....one of my most favs is white space....I can do it..but not as well as those who have that style....I really admire them :)

Beth F

My style could be described as linear vintage I suppose. I really live vintage and vintage looking papers and embellishments. No art on my pages. Just love<3

Michelle Saunders

I don't know that I have a particular style either. I just want my memories to be preserved and people to feel some of what I felt in that moment! I do love a grungy distressed but, clean look. Love flowers and bling! I most especially love the feeling that comes from looking at a scrapbook and traveling through someones life!


I call my style pure romance because I out my heart in to every page:)

Emily Barklage

I think my style is inspired by the products I use and the photographs I'm scrapbooking. Love changing it up!


Being honest, I am not a hardcore scrapper. I have been scrapping for only a couple years & have yet to fill a book. But looking at what I've done so far, I can see I don't stick to any style. Yet. Linear & artistic is semi-dominant.

Vicki R.

I am so imspired by your outlook on life and scrapping! Wow, I feel like I need to go take new photos so I capture every little detail that I may have missed! The photos of your daughter are fabulous. My style is somewhat ecclectic/vintage with a touch of whatever my mood is!

Susan Day

My style is pure Vintage. I love sense of history and warmth I get with vintage papers and embellishments.

Have a wonderful journey into scrapbooking!

Susan D

Nancy K

I love your photos! Simply beautiful and I think that the style you have chosen for yourself is perfect. If I had to define my style, I would have to say, distressed? shabby?...maybe eclectic is best.

Ki Kruk

I find my style is usually dependent on the mood of the photos...I let my photos depict how the page itself is going to look. I can be all over the place when it comes to designing...I'm very drawn to the beautiful pages and the unlimited possibilities that Webster's products gives me!

Jennifer Abbott-Scott

I have just begun scrapbooking in the last few months so I can't say I've really found a style. Thus far I have mostly taken my inspiration from the photo/s I am using. I have so much "catching up" to do that I am not bothering with worrying about books or chronologies right now. I choose a photo that speaks to me for whatever reason and take it from there. I figure eventually when I have enough pages I'll organize them in some fashion into books. But they will be less of a story and more of a collection of "I loved this moment and wanted to celebrate this photograph." You have some really wonderful photos there so I look forward to seeing what you come up with this week!


WOW! Im getting goosebumps... this is such a great post.. You are so spot on, the basics of scrapping is to capture moments and using great products so that the pages will look just as great as I have thought it to be in my head..
I think My style has evolved during the past months.. from shabby vintage to more eclectic and vibrant.


Christine N

I didn't know you had a blog or were o n Facebook until a friend "liked" you. So I "liked" you and then you posted about the giveaway!!! Yay!!!

My style is definately vintage/shabby. I mostly make cards so it's a fun style!!!

Your photos are beautiful. Such a wonderful family!

Julianne McKenna-De Lumen

I have a beautiful, romantic, girly style of scrapping, and my emphasis is on the details. The details are what helps to tie my layouts together. I love vibrant colours and glorious textures. And I don't feel a layout is complete without a little bit of bling!!! (-: I love photos that tell a unique story, and record a magical moment in my life. Enjoy your journey - have fun, create, and be happy.

- Sari - Muistojen polulla...

My style is vintage and romantic:).


What wonderful pictures your words alone have created. Like you I don't want to strive for perfection I want what is put on the page to enhance the picture - to help the picture tell the story . . . hopefully not confuse. I have to say that my style is mostly traditional, but then again I love doing whimsical, vintage, even grungy layouts. . . it's what will work best to enhance the picture.

Beverley Cunningham

I think I have a few different styles - I tend to go either grungy or linear with my boys and shabby chic/vintage with my daughter though sometimes I go cutesy and whimsical


My style is different depending on the photo, the day, the inspiration...normally I like to use vintage products and I put a lot of flowers but somedays I want to do more colorfull scrap using "children" stuff and photos of my little boy.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Jodi Dolbel

My style changes all the time.
Basically im very shabby vintage, thats what i keep going back to. But i do love the experiment with differnt styles. My layouts are always usually very geometric, not a big fan of cluttering or eclectic.

Tomoko Takahashi

Hi Brandin!
I really love your photos, they are so beautiful! And your words really touched my heart.
My style is.... well, actually I'm still discovering! HAHA
But, since I only have is one girl, I want to make my pages "Girly" for her:) She likes girly:D :D
But, even when I say girly sometimes they change by what photos I use:) Maybe that means "Anything Goes" too!! LOL!
Good luck with your journey:D

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