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October 14, 2008



neutal color with a splash of red and orange is such a wondeful combination. :)

michelle manese

haha. yummy! i love the floral prints. and the musical notes. :D its very good for my new pictures, oh the joy of highschool life. i love love love love love love love the vintage theme. *inlove*

and better off, this baby is free! woo. I WANT THIS! ahaha. dreamy.

-mich. good job.

Pat Hines

I'd have to say my favorite thing about this collection is the vintage feel it has. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!!


OK I will be honest I read this on a blog that has posted a link to this site and I must have been on a different planet cause I am now in love with this product and wanna get my hands on it no matter what ...LET ME AT EM.


Ooh... lovely, lovely papers! Gorgeous!


I love the flowery, vintage look. And it is working: I found you via Inkspirations when she posted you on her blog. I don't have a blog, but I will tell some friends!!


I love these Webster's Pages! They are so whimsical, so beautiful, so fresh. They add beauty to a page and to a photo. Great designing WP!!!

Jenny R.

I LOVE the vintage-y feel of this! Can't wait to get my hands on some of it...weather I win it or have to buy it!

Michelle M

What DONT I like about this line? My ultimate fave part is the splashes of red. Then there is the music sheet...and the house....be still my beating heart! Off to spread the word to the sites I frequent!! Thanks for doing this! You are gonna make a girl very very very happy!

Barb A.

I love the vintage look. That paper would look great with the heritage albums I am working on. Thanks for the opportunity.


Love those papers! So yummy!


I am in LOVE - can't wait for our LSS to get some of this goodness in!

Jean Marmo

These are so pretty!! Can see lots of uses for them. Love the sheet music and the floral patterns!

Renee G

i agree they are all so beautiful will be posting on my blog!

Renee G

i agree they are all so beautiful will be posting on my blog!

Renee G

i agree they are all so beautiful will be posting on my blog!

Renee G

i agree they are all so beautiful will be posting on my blog!


I LOVE these new designs...What a great way to create!


Wow! I found this site on accident, and I love love love this kit! Gorgeous!


Wow! Love the kit especially the music sheet. Thanks for sharing.


I love this collection...I am new too Websters papers but what I have seen so far they are great...Thank you ....Jo


the hints of red... omg... I just love the hints of red!!!!


I love this new line and can't wait to get my hands on some!


I love Wenster's but I am yet to find someone locally who sells them. It's just not fair!!!

This particular collection is to die for! Love the vintage patterns and earthy tones.

I'll surely spread the word... maybe my LSS will hear and buy it in for me... or maybe I will win it! Who knows?! LOL!


I am loving these papers. Are they sold in kits, online or only at an LSS?

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