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October 22, 2008



I day dream and sketch down my inspirations!


Oohhh.. how gorgeous are those trims!


beautiful trims. I don't really have a process but I see layouts in my head and I just do them. Sometimes I see something happening and take a picture because I see the end result on a scrapbook page. That doesn't mean they look the same, sometimes something happens from the brain to the hands but for the most part it works for me.

Heather Prins

that is so cool! mine all stem from the story behind the photo, what i want to say or what I want the memory to be, they i do the page.

Lauri Greene

Fun, I just love that trim!! Is that (or will it be) available in the store?

I don't really have a process, I just sit and go - so much inspires me that I just sit and scrap! ;)


usually colour for me or an image...sometimes I don;t have a clue what is in store when I start.
Because most of my crafting/art is off the page and usually a challenge...i interpret the challenge as I see it... sometimes surprising myself with the end result.
because I never had a plan.
does this make sense...i wonder.
beautiful pic of you and your children.
chriss x


great trims! i love how you explained your creative process...i've never really thought about mine...hmmm...maybe i should!

Jona Panesa

those are beautiful trims. loved them. and of course beautiful photos.

Wendy Kwok

My process is visual...... I 'see', then I feel and I translate the emotion, the 'seeing' of the colours onto my LOs/projects!


my process starts with the photos usually and then I throw a whole bunch of stuff on my scraptable-fabric, papers, trims and embells and see what i come up with.


Yummy trims!

Elisa K

Mine is from personality. I love to show lots of personality in my creating and with personality comes my fav.... COLOR.. I love colors and love to mix them up with using different embellishments etc. Love all the new goodies and can't wait to get my hands on them...

Elisa K

tammy kay


time to update honey!


hilde janbroers

so when are you going to spill the beans??? I can't wait!!!


I'm a dreamer!!! I dream it (literally sometimes) think about it,draw myself a sketch and then go into my scrap room and start going through my products and start mixing and matching product and photos.

tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

I dream all day long of sketches and designs of cards and layouts. Sometimes I pick an item (a photo, an embellishment, a color, a paper etc) and then begin with it, building around it, adding to it. Sometimes I have many different images going on at the same time. When I can't make it to my scrap room to start the actual piece I get very frustrated. :( So I go back to dreaming, in my head I can always start and finish any project. :)


My proces is everytie different!
Some times i see a sketch and starts with it, looking for pictures and paper to thesketch, but mostely my pape ris my inspiration. I take my picture box and... look for pictures that fit to the product...
So All kind of possibilities!


tfs Brandin.from young,i have loved vintage stufs.my dad used to collect them too when he was still around.i like to use them in my artwork and find ways to document them.The true inspirations come from my children.everypage is about their story and if i can plus that with a touch of artistic feel..hmm..that's a perfect page for me ;)-jaz

Norma Kennedy

Hi Brandin......Thank u for sharing ur creative process. Loved seing ur pictures along side ur product. Many (((Hugs)))

Debbie Fisher

I do lots of sketching in notebooks.

I love vintage ribbons and lace and love the pics you shared! The paper too is so beautiful!

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