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November 30, 2012


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Die cuts for Die cutting machines.

Mona Pendleton

I don't have a clue but sounds very exciting! The anticipation is killing me!

Doris Widder

Okay, so def a new addition to the WP family. :-D

New printable projects? Going nuts trying to see a connection between glass blowing and graphic design. lol I think I'm going to have to stop guess and *try* to wait patiently.

Jean A Marmo

Looks exciting!!

patti hamil

Oh gosh trying to figure out who that is!! LOL! And a DT call?!?! That's exciting!

Jan Edwards

Teaming up with Cathy Zielske?

Abigail Stoops

DT Call?!?!?! I have been waiting for this!!!

Pam Lange

Websters is expanding the family somehow starting with a Desin Team call? Would love to try out for the simple clean design team, better order more paper!

Beth W

Home decor?

Judy Markowitz

Monthly kit club? Or project 365 kit club? First one called Glass Blowing with rainbow colors? Ok, so I have no idea, but I can't wait!!!!!!


Oh wow, can feel an opportunity to get excited!! :)

Keren Tamir

Looks like a new Designer, maybe Graphic Designer added to the WP family and with that a DT call!! I hope its not only for the clean and simple but for the fussy cutters too!!

It seems to me her name is Allison but I can't see the whole name. I'll have to wait for another clue. This is quite exciting!!

Judy Markowitz

OK, so I gave it more thought, a new collection called Blown Glass and a new Design Team member, doesn't matter, gonna love it!

Renee Zwirek

Will Allison Kreft join the Webster's Family and design? That would be exciting and wonderful!

leeann Pearce

i know who that is and she is totally awesome...go allison go!!!!


Glass blowing? Are you teaming up with Allison Kreft?!? Ooooooooooh!

Helen Tilbury

Ooooh how exciting!! I know that whatever it is it will be fabulous!! And another Clean and Simple Call! Gosh a year flies by so quickly! Can't wait for the Fussy-Cutters DT call for your shabby style scrappers too!!!

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