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October 25, 2010



We are all "blessed". Every one of us. It's up to you to know how to always keep that positive energy flowing from yourself, and to the next person. Now, as for this Hollywood Vogue. I am in love. This will be perfect for the vintage photos of my gran who passed away recently. I always said she looked like a 30s movie star to me!

Brandin O'Neill

you are SO RIGHT! all of us ARE blessed ~ thanks so much for stopping by! xo

Julie Ranae

I am so blessed as I turned 50 this past month, to have a husband who supports me as I determine what is next for 'me'. It will always include the creative process in paper crafting and I thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing collection.

nicole austin

i feel blessed to have time with my family and time to be creative. i love that i can share my creativity with my kids. what a wonderful page! the colors are so gorgeous.

Rema Timm

I am so blessed and very proud of my son and daughter. Having to raise them on my own since they were little they have grown up to be very independent and well on their way to becoming and doing what they want in life.They make me very happy!

Karen keiper

i am blessed by a husband that works really hard (which i admit i do complain about from time to time!)so i can be home with our kids

Karen keiper

ps love the layout


What a beautiful layout! I love what you did with all of the embellishments.
Like you, I feel that I lead a blessed life. How lucky was I to find my soul mate at the age of 18! (That was over 36 years ago ;)

Ann Cicilie

Love your layers of scraps, cute layout! And that hounstooth paper... Yum! There's almost no pictures of me as well, I just had my friend making a new design for my blog, she asked me for a picture of me to use in the presentation, but guess what... I found no photos of me!

What makes me blessed? Oh, where to start... I live in a country where I can get paid for staying home with my kids until they're 1 year, we have a wonderful health care program and it's a safe country. I have two wonderful daughthers, a fantastic husband, a great house, great friends. I live far away from my own parents, but my parents in law are so lovely and they treat me like I'm their own daughter (and they totally worship their grandchildren).

Have a wonderful week :)

Jen Clark

I love this layout!!! I feel so blessed right now to be a stay-at-home-mom. I never, never, in my wildest dreams, thought that would be possible - and for a long time, never thought I'd even WANT to. And then I had my son, and oh, how I cried going back to work. And then I lost a baby. And how I cried even more, leaving my son. And then I got pregnant with twins, and we nearly lost them...and the whole time I was pregnant, I kept thinking, "HOW am I going to go back to work????" And then my job fired me while I was on bedrest! And then they were born, and one surprised us with a cleft lip and palate, and has turned out to have some special needs...and the economy tanked...and it turned out to be a blessing, b/c while I looked for jobs, no one was hiring, and I was able to stay home and take care of my babies who needed me. And now? My husband has found a way to make it work so that I can homeschool my son, and take care of my twins - and now I am living MY dream! I am truly blessed!


This layout is beautiful! I am blessed every morning when I wake up, when I go to sleep at night, and every moment in between.


My FAMILY is my Blessing!!!They are also sweet and thoughtful!!!And I love them with all my heart!!xoxox


How timely! Whenever the stress of daily life gets the better of me, I remind myself to stop for a while and think of my blessings. Being alive, having a family, a supportive hubby, an adorable little boy, my professional career, among others. I thank the Lord Almighty for all of these.

iris uy

Your layout is beautiful Brandin!! You see... you are a natural at this. I am blessed by everything that is present in my life. Whether it be a good or bad thing. Sometimes, the bad stuff makes the beautiful ones shine brighter.

Rhonda V.

I totally love your layout Brandin! I love the journaling, the scraps and the sentiment of it. To me, no matter if you are living the life that you dreamed of or imagined, we are blessed and here for a purpose and do need to remember to see things that way and be thankful.

I feel that I am blessed beyond words with my children. There are no guarantees that you will have the honor of becoming a parent. I am overwhelmed with love each day with my children and I just don't know how anything is more of a blessing than that.


Wow, you're layout is gorgeous! And you definitely are gorgeous too! I feel blessed because of what I reached in the scrapping world: the fact that I made some really amazing and very sweet girls through the world wide web, makes me so happy. These girls are all so special to me and I'm also glad I got to meet up with a few of them.

Anabelle O'Malley

Love how it turned out! The sweet little touches on here are just perfect. And too funny about finding photos of yourself. We tend to be behind the camera way to often and not in front of it. :0


After a long hot summer I'm enjoying the cooling of the temperatures, the humidity slowly dropping away, being able to be outside AND enjoying it, able to open windows and have cool air blow in, blue clear skies, sun shinning.....it's all those simple things with the arrival of autumn that make a day special !

Tomoko Takahashi

I just love how you detailed the trims:D This layout is full of happiness, Brandin!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Becky G.

I am also blessed! I am blessed that my love of 26+ years is still my best friend and husband. I am blessed that God gave me a spirit of love and joy and spunk that helps me put myself out there to do things. I am blessed that my mother, at the age of 80, is still in pretty good health and able to live independently. And I am blessed that I got to spend my Dad's last days, weeks and months caring for him and spending time with him and receiving many blessings from that experience. Life is not all about the good things . . . some times we can find remarkable gifts in the midst of the most difficult of times! Becky G.


Just being born in this country we start out blessed! I am doubly blessed by still having my 90 and 86 year old parents with me, who continually amaze me with their positivity, something they've passed on to me. I'm blessed with my sweet husband of almost 40 years; I didn't know at the time I married him what a wonderful man he was. And I'm blessed with our first grandchild and another on the way!! I'm surrounded by 4 generations of my family, and even though we live far apart, one of them is a blessing to me everyday!

Robin H

Love your layout, especially the little lace bit with the paper strip on top! I am blessed in so many ways: decent health, a good job, a family who loves, these crazy cats I keep around me, and the time and freedom to travel the world.

Chris Dring

I love that you combined striped paper with houndstooth and an animal print! How cool is that!! Great job!


i guess we're all blessed in our own special ways (: i come from a social work setting, and part of my job requires me to help low income families and their issues. and when i work with these less fortunate ppl, i realised the little joys and perhaps insignificant details of my life i tend to overlook like a stable family, sound income, a loving boyfriend, handful of quality friends and ofcourse the ability to afford scrapping as a hobby & passion. thank you for your entry. (: i am reminded of how important it is to give thanks to God for every blessing in every situation, to be contented and to keep moving on joyously!

Danette Munn

Brandin....you never fail to blow my mind!!! I love this lay out. And these papers that you've created are more than Gorgeous!!! I would love to have the chance to create with them. Look forward in see what the DT come up with as a challenge and what you create for it. And also ...great picture of you...sorry to the hubby.lol

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