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October 19, 2010


Bec Young

Over on my blog I've been playing along with '30 days of me'. I'm up to day 6...and my hope is to eventually scrap these pages.
Good luck with your 'me' layouts, I have plenty of my kids too but none of me...Looking forward to seeing some inspiration!

Brandin O'Neill

VERY cool assignment! This will be a fun week. Thanks!


I love the idea for this week's assignment. It's so true that as moms we sometimes completely forget that we're individuals too...not just identifiable by who we're the parents of. I'm currently working on 2 baby books and 2 big boy scrapbooks that I hope to complete by Christmas. I'm really glad you presented this assignment for Brandin. Now, I'll be sure to include a ME page in each of their books so they can remember me as I am now/when I created the books for them. :-)

Patty O'Malley

I've never done a page about myself. I thought it wouldn't interest anyone, but I see your point. Sometimes, we keep things to ourselves that need to be said.

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